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    Pattern Imprinted Driveways

    For Reliable and Resilient Driveways in Liverpool

    Pattern imprinted concrete is a long-lasting driveway surface solution in Liverpool, providing you and your family with reliable and stable a surface that is extremely resilient to the growth of weeds. Direct Driveways are specialists in pattern imprinted concrete driveways, using the best materials available and offering expert advice for all of your driveway needs.


    No More Weeding Your Driveway

    Pattern imprinted driveways use concrete to cover the topsoil, rather than paving immediately on top it and leaving gaps and cracks. The pattern, colour, and sealant are then stamped on, providing an attractive paved look with none of the limiting factors of paved driveways. Imprinted concrete driveways stop water and sunlight from reaching the soil beneath, so no weeds will penetrate the paving. This allows for a cleaner, neater looking driveway with no cracks.

    As well as much less weeding, we also offer a range of 23 different colours to suit your home and enhance your curb appeal.


    Enhanced Grip

    We also treat our pattern imprinted driveways with Rhino Grip finish, a treatment that allows for better traction when walking. This is therefore ideal for those who require a stable, reliable surface, such as the elderly or for those with impaired mobility. Pattern imprinted driveways are also far less likely to suffer from movement or sinking, and there are no individual paving stones to come loose or crack.

    Our drainage expert will ensure that your new driveway drains all rain water successfully, so the integrity of your driveway will not be influenced by the weather. Our expert handiwork ensures we secure the finest of finishes for you and your home, never compromising on quality.


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    Pattern imprinted driveways are a long-term solution for neater, weed-free driveways that will stand the test of time. Reliable, resilient to weeds, and with added grip, pattern imprinted driveways are the perfect addition to the modern home.

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